About John

John Wrinn, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing for ClearOne Advantage, has more than 15 years experience as top-performing executive and entrepreneurial leader in the field of specialty financial services; driving new business opportunities and leading innovative startup ventures to record levels of success. John’s visionary direction, broad knowledge base, and critical success have consistently surpassed all financial and market share objectives.  John is an expert in debt relief with over 100 million in debts negotiated since 2007.

At ClearOne, Wrinn leads strategic direction, corporate operations, and financial analysis and planning for this highly successful full-service debt settlement company established in 2007. Today, ClearOne Advantage employs approximately 50 elite professionals, with projected revenues of $21M for 2012. It has signed over 10,000 customers to date. Wrinn is also in charge of the design and execution of the company’s marketing strategy; positioning the company to be a market leader in its segment.

In 2010, Wrinn added the role of Partner with Taxstrategies.com, a tax relief operation utilizing an elite team of in-house authorized tax agents, accountants, and outside tax attorneys and an innovative proprietary software system to help clients resolve their tax debt.

Prior to ClearOne Advantage, he was the Founder and President of Student Loan Financial Group, a marketing company specializing in private student loans and student loan consolidation. Wrinn developed the company’s startup plan, raised more than $4.0 million in capital funding and employed more than 50 full-time professionals during its peak.

Wrinn was also a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of New Logic Mortgage (NLM), an Internet-based marketing firm that specialized in obtaining mortgage loans for customers with less-than-perfect credit. NLM worked in partnership with the Baltimore based Internet marketing firm, TheLaonPage.com, and within 2 years was generating gross revenues of $9.5 million, had achieved licensure in 20 states, and employed a workforce of 50 employees.

The Artisan Mortgage Group (Artisan) was Wrinn’s first entrepreneurial venture, as partner and Vice President of Internet Marketing. At Artisan, Wrinn developed cutting-edge marketing strategies and secured strategic business alliances with specialty marketing firms such as Lowermybills.com, LendingTree.com, and Nextag.com. He participated in the negotiation of the profitable sale of the business to Ameritex Corporation, a financial services organization in Columbia, MD, and stayed on board as their Senior Director of Internet Marketing for two more years.

Other noteworthy roles include Senior Director; Mortgage Division for Amerix Mortgage Corporation, and Loan Officer for Fidelity First Mortgage, where Wrinn began his career in 1997.

John Wrinn is a graduate of the University of Delaware and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Finance and Economics. Through ClearOne Advantage, he is an active member of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) and the United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives (U.S.O.B.A.)

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